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What is an ERP system?

ERP system


Having an ERP system is not a luxury but a necessity It is a must for survival in this competitive world


byPetabyte Team

It can be designed to your liking

You can choose only the parts you need to manage your business without spending a lot of money in vain, and you can specify the powers of each user of the system, thus giving you a new level of security for your company



 Is a new generation of ERP

ERP is an advanced system of MRP, an ERP system that links financial management, resources, manufacturing, customer service, and marketing and sales management.



You can rely on it to solve your organization's problems

It is designed to organize all sections of your organization efficiently and efficiently only, but also to help you find the appropriate solutions to your problems, so as to ensure smooth production process Easy tool



 Easy to use tool

Where you can easily perform your daily tasks and make important management decisions, as it is easy to use only take some time to learn how to use it



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