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How to choose the best name for your website

When creating your website choosing the site name is the most important and difficult stage to be featured on the web This is because the name of your website automatically becomes your brand name whether you mean it or not and it will always affect others perception of your company


Here are some tips to help you identify your website name


byPetabyte Team

Choose the right words

It is not necessary to choose your company name to be the domain name of the site but you must specify words that reflect the activity of the company or field of work that you do take the time to find the most appropriate words to put in the URL


Luxor is the best

The larger the e-mail address of your site, the more difficult it is to remember and write



Avoid words that may mislead your visitors

Before booking your site name, make sure that the name you choose will not mislead your visitors or make your site ridiculous. For example,


Choose a website extension

  There is no doubt that the extension of the e-mail address ".com"

  It is easy to save but it can also cost you a lot and set your selections because there are a lot of websites registered with this extension you can choose other extensions such as

org, .net, .co, .biz, or .info

Do not let the site extension limit restrict you to specifying a name that is less than ideal for your website



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